The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company purchased this Porsche on January 14, 1988 for high-speed testing of its premium tire series. Goodyear installed a roll bar and removed the mats for testing. The test track had an embedded window so that underground cameras could record tire characteristics. In early 1992, Goodyear completed testing, removed the roll bar and reinstalled the floor mats. The company offered it for sale to Goodyear employees in an auction.

Nancy and I purchased the car with 15,600 miles. Driving the Porsche back from Akron was great fun because it was fast, stable, comfortable and quiet. It has a V-8 engine displacing 302.5 cubic inches and producing net 316 horsepower and 316 foot pounds of torque. The engine has 32 hydraulically-actuated valves and can rev up to 6,600 rpms. The Porsche can accelerate to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds with a top speed of 165 mph.

Porsche management drove 928s rather than the familiar model 911. The 928 was supposed to replace the 911 but did not. Porsche produced the model 928 from 1977 until 1994. Some cars
manufactured in 1994 were titled as 1995 cars. Porsche began building the four-valve-per-cylinder models in 1986 which are more valued than the earlier cars with two valves per cylinder. A stock but race-prepared 1986 model 928 S4 held the record for the fastest naturally aspirated automobile in the United States.

Our car now has 37,800 miles on the odometer and is still a joy to drive. Maintenance is complicated because the car has separate computers to monitor fuel injection, ride quality, ABS brakes,
transistor ignition, cogged timing belt and other systems. Did I tell you the engine takes 9 quarts of oil? So, other than regular wear and tear items, the repair costs have been reasonable. We replaced the tires, a timing belt, a fuel injection computer and leaking valve cover gaskets.

This Porsche is a pleasure to drive. The interior is fine leather; the instrument panel follows the steering wheel adjustment to suit the driver’s needs; and the seats adjust electrically to fit me. A full set of tools hides in the rear upholstered hatch and, provided you have short legs, the back seat is almost comfortable. I believe this Porsche performs with the best for acceleration and control. The brakes are among the best and the ride is refined. It may be the best driving car Nancy and I will ever own.