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My Antique Car Obsession

I grew up in Ballietsville, down the road from me there was a man that had a field of antique cars. His name was Layton Faust, (Frankie Kemmerers father-in-law) we all called him Pappy Faust. I used to sit in the cars and pretend to be driving somewhere. Pappy took a...

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Auto Accessories: From Accessory to Necessity – Part 2

CLICK HERE TO READ PART 1 OF THIS ARTICLE Last time we talked about early lighting systems and the invention of the electric starter/generator/battery systems. All found in researching why early cars used 6-volt electrical systems. As promised, we will go on from...

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Auto Accessories: From Accessory to Necessity

I was trying to find out why early cars had 6 volt electrical systems. I could not find out why the industry started with 6 volt but did find that the switch to 12 volt was caused by increased use of electrical accessories. The only thing I could find is that a wet...

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Tech Talk on Tuning

Our local MG club got a message from a former member who was packing up and moving to Florida. As all people in the antique car hobby he had accumulated a significant amount of spares and tools that he wanted to find a new home. Having just put new plugs, wires,...

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Whitewall Tires

What does one do while stranded in the cabin in a blizzard…or just practicing in home isolation during a pandemic? I was spending an afternoon wandering through social networking sights looking for pictures of antique cars. Ocassionally I would see a car sporting...

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My Grandfather’s 1924 Marmon Phaeton and Other Cars

The “car” bug bit deeply into our family line by 1921 when my grandfather, Lester W. Hobaugh, was a teenager. Adopted by his Aunt Nora and Uncle Joe Bowersox, Lester grew up on a farm just outside the City of York. He and Uncle Joe delivered grain to other farmers in...

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