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My Monte Carlo

In December 1997, I came across an ad in the local newspaper for a 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo with very low mileage. I made a phone call and found out the car was in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, which was about 15 miles from my home in Coplay, Pennsylvania. After a little...

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David Bausch – 1926 Franklin Sport Runabout

David K. Bausch might have decided to collect another marque, but he had good reasons to admire Franklins. The Franklin was “the doctor’s car” and Dave’s father was a physician in Allentown who owned a 1925 Franklin. But Dave was born later and independently...

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Our First Antique Car

It was 1972, and we had been to the New Hope Auto Show. We went every year to car shows, but that year Elsa and I decided we wanted to own an antique car. We made an offer on a 1956 Lincoln Mark II, but the next day I went to visit one of my customers (I was in the...

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1976 VW Super Beetle

A car identical to the one pictured was purchased in 1971 for $2,400 cash. That’s how much money I had saved while Wayne was overseas. We needed a new car and didn’t want a car payment. Back then, a Volkswagen was the cheapest vehicle you could buy. When we went to...

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The Rauch Convertibles

I was the baby of the Rauch family. In fact, my brother, Nevin was 16 years older. Our family lived in Stony Run when he was born and we lived in Krumsville when I was born.  This story is about Nevin Rauch and two of his cars, a 1948 Hudson and a 1964 Buick. Both...

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LeRoy’s ‘64 Chevy

When I was a teenager, the second car I owned was a 6-cylinder 1964 Impala 4 door hardtop. I eventually got rid of it and, over the years, regretted it.  I used to tell my wife, “Someday I would like to get another ‘64, but this time I want a convertible.” So, as Paul...

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